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We are happy we had  the opportunity to work with these
individuals and we wish them luck in their future careers!

John Lee joined the Computer Methods team as a software intern in April of 2009.  He worked on the Atomlab project and made important contributions to the quality control of the Atomlab software using his excellent organizational and testing skills. He graduated from Devry in summer of 2010 and now works for Blackhawk Networks (a Division of Safeway) as a Support Engineer.

Perseo Gonzalez attended DeVry University in Fremont in the BSCET program and joined Computer Methods as a software intern in May of 2007. He supported the internationalization of the Biodex Advantage software application which is translated in eight different languages and assisted in migrating the database platform from Access to SQL Server. In his spare time, Perseo enjoys soccer, electronics and real-time strategy gaming. Perseo left Computer Methods to join the medical division of Varian in Palo Alto.

Feras Khatib joined the Computer Methods team as a software intern and attended DeVry University in the BSCET program. He supported development for ImpaxSD -- an application that supports high-speed data acquistion. Feras is a licensed Real Estate agent, a member of the honorary fraternity Tau Alphi Pi, enjoys World of Warcraft and is an avid Oakland Raiders Fan. He now works as a sharp-shooter for Accenture, traveling the world on consulting assignments.

Kevin Azeltine joined Computer Methods as a software intern in October of 2006.  He graduated from the BSCIS program at DeVry University and joined the company as a full time software engineer.  Kevin was responsible for supporting both the Biodex Advantage software application and ImpaxSD -- an application that supports hardware for high-speed data acquisition.   In his spare time, Kevin is a computer gamer and enjoys wake boarding. Kevin left Computer Methods to work as a software developer for PMZ Realty.

Peter Chang joined Computer Methods as a software intern and recently completed his BSCIS degree at DeVry University.  He later joined our team as a full-time software engineer. Peter supported the Biodex System 3 software contract and developed a License Key Validation application in ASP.NET. When he isn’t working, Peter enjoys being outdoors, fishing and hunting small furry creatures.

Seng Lee joined our software intern program in January of 2004. He graduated from  the BSCIS degree program at DeVry University in June 2005. Seng worked on the Version 4 release for the Biodex System 3 dynamometer and then helped develop the combustion software component for the ImpaxSD software package.  When he isn’t programming, Seng enjoys fishing and working on cars.  Seng is also a pretty tough StarCraft competitor.

Kong Yang received his BSCIS degree from DeVry University in Fremont, CA. His senior project took first place in the DeVry ”Technology Day” for the CIS competition program. Kong joined the company as a software intern and after graduation as a full-time software engineer. He contributed significantly to development of the Biodex Atomlab 950 Thyroid Uptake system and worked extensively with data acquisition hardware and software for ImpaxSD, a Spectral Dynamics product.

Leland Yue started his tenure as a software intern and graduated to full-time after receiving his BSTCOM degree from DeVry University.  Leland last assignment was project manager for software development and support of Spectral Dynamic’s ImpaxSD data acquisition system.  As part of his senior project, Leland and his team designed and installed the local area network and webcams for the Computer methods facility at 4424 Technology Drive.

Usi Ambrocio started his association with Computer Methods working on his senior project to develop the LifeCareWriter web site. After receiving his BSCIS degree from DeVry University, Usi joined the company as a software engineer supporting  System 3 software for the Biodex contract.

Marc Gallagher began working part-time in June, 2000 as a software intern and subsequently graduated from the DeVry University with a BSCIS degree taking first place in the first DeVry University programming contest. Before leaving for a software position in Philadelphia, Marc contributed substantially to the development of Biodex System 3 software. Marc also had the distinction of being the resident (LAN-based) StarCraft champion


Jesse Salmon joined Computer Methods in July of 1996 as a senior software engineer.  He holds a BS EET (Electrical Engineering Technology) degree from the DeVry Institue.  Before joining Computer Methods, Jesse has worked with premier companies in Silicon Valley including IBM, Sun Microsystems and Applied Materials.  He now works as a expert troubleshooter for Hyperion Systems. 


Thu Khuc joined Computer Methods in March, 1998 as a software intern and subsequently became a full-time employee in January of 2000. She maintained the software base for medical devices such as the System 3 dynamometer as well as the Atomlab Thyroid Uptake probe. Thu recently graduated with a BSCS degree from San Jose State University and works for Hyperion Systems.


Stacia St. Clair joined Computer Methods in March, 1998 as a part-time software tester (bug detector).  In the spring of 2000, Stacia was offered and accepted a full-time position with a local Silicon Valley software company that specializes in product testing services.  We hear from Stacia occasionally. It sounds like she has her hands full with her new career!


Thawi Iwagoshi began working at Computer Methods in its software intern program in November, 1998.  Thawi was a bright and hard-working programmer on our software staff. Click here for Thawi’s Secret Identity. After earning several academic degrees from Ohio State University, Thawi was drawn to Silicon Valley where he completed a Masters in Computer Science from Northwest Polytechnic.  Upon his graduation, Thawi was recruited by Hewlett Packard where he is now employed in their web support division.


Maritza Laguardia Longland began working part-time in November, 99 as a software intern. She received a BSCIS degree at the DeVry Institute of Technology in Fremont.   Maritza assisted in the development of the our medical web sites for on-line generation of functional capacity and disability evaluations.

Aaron Ferguson began working part-time in January, 2000 as a software intern. Aaron received his BSCIS degree at the DeVry Univertisy in Fremont. A versatile and disciplined programmer, Aaron supported our contract to port software for high-performance analog data acquisition from 16 to 32 bit Windows platform. Aaron is now employed by Pacific Bell Telephone.

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