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What exactly is Winhand?
Winhand is a Windows-based software program that collects information about hand evaluations, organizes the data and prints crisp, professional reports.

Why is Winhand unique?
This software was designed specifically for hand therapists. The authors of this program have been developing software applications in the therapy industry since 1984. We worked directly with hand therapists to define the form and function of this product.

How do I enter my measurements (grip, pinch, ROM)?
Simple.  Make the measurements the way you normally would with your peripherals. Type the results into the boxes on the Winhand screens.Back to top

Why bother using Winhand at all?
Once the information is in the program, Winhand can do some very nice things for you.  It automatically calculates statistical values (like averages and coefficients of variation).  It formats numerical data into easy-to-read tables.  Winhand will create a detailed report that is compatible with any word processor.  All results are saved in a database and can be recalled for progress reports.Back to top

Why are other Hand Evaluation systems so expensive?
Most manufacturers increase their profit margins by selling a complete system including computer, software and peripherals for taking measurements.  The peripherals are expensive since they interface electronically with the computer.  The benefit is that you don’t have to type in the measurements. But you pay a price for that luxury.Back to top

Why should I pay $1000.00 for this software
To increase your productivity. If this program will not increase your efficiency and throughput, you should not buy it.Back to top

How can I “try out” Winhand without buying it?
We provide a complementary CD that installs a 99% functional version of Winhand on your computer.  You can try everything out before you commit to purchase. The only thing you cannot do is to create new patient records in the database. Contact Rajala Rehab Products for your free demonstration CD.Back to top

How do I run the demonstration?
The Winhand software will automatically install itself when the CD is placed in the CDROM Drive.  A Winhand icon will be placed on the Windows “desktop”. Double-click on the icon to start the program. A help window will appear in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.  The help window will guide you through trying out the features.Back to top

I liked the Winhand demonstration. How can I get a 100% working version?
You need to obtain a license key to activate Winhand.  The license key is entered on a special setup screen in the Winhand program.  Once the key is entered correctly, the program will be fully activated. You can install and use as many copies as you wish in your clinic. License keys can be obtained from our national distributor, RAJALA REHAB PRODUCTS.Back to top

What about software updates?
As a licensed Winhand customer, you are entitled to all future updates at no cost.  Software updates will be available for download on this web site or can be mailed to you upon request.

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