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ComputerMethods Computer Methods develops professional software applications on Windows-based platforms including XP, NT, Vista and Windows 7. We specialize in medical, business and industrial applications for deployment on target systems or in client/server environments.

We develop programs and applications on a variety of language platforms including Microsoft .NET, C#, VB, Visual C++ with Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Delphi, Windows DDK and Classic Active Server pages (ASP). 

Computer Methods employs bright, young, talented programmers recruited from local technical training institutes in Silicon Valley.  Many of our software engineers have worked their way through school by participating in our software intern program. By managing these hard working and enthusiastic resources, our company is able to provide quality software engineering services at affordable and competitive rates.

The following samples illustrate some of the more interesting and comprehensive projects we have undertaken:

Medical Software for Physical Therapy

mjskneeThe System3 is a medical device manufactured by Biodex Corporation in Shirley, New York.  The system is used for assessment of muscle performance in sports medicine and physical therapy clinics.

Our initial role was the development of a 32-bit C++ application to provide a software interface with the active component of the system (an isokinetic dynamometer).  The application defines clinical protocols, conducts tests, collects muscle performance data and generates a variety of comprehensive reports used by therapists, physicians and insurance companies. The application has been internationalized for use in Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Russia, and Italy.  Computer Methods plays on ongoing role providing customer support and software updates to accommodate new hardware developments and features.


Industrial Software for High-Speed Transient Data Acquisition

rtwebThe ImpaxSD application supports a family of VXI products manufactured by Spectral Dynamics in San Jose, California.

Computer Methods first ported the 16-bit version of the Impax application to 32-bit Windows. The application has since been upgraded to support a variety of VXI devices with sophisticated features for acquiring and manipulating transient data. This system is extensively used in research for explosive testing, automotive safety and engine combustion analysis.

ImpaxSD also supports a custom socket interface (developed by Computer Methods) that enables users on networked systems (Windows or Linux-based) to remotely connect and operate the ImpaxSD application.


CAMAC Parallel Port Interface with 16-bit Thunking Layer

S3GermanComputer Methods recognized the need for an alternative to the PC004 -- an ISA-based controller for CAMAC instrumentation. To address that need we designed and currently manufacture the PP004

To seamlessly integrate the 16-bit ACAP (Automotive Combustion and Analysis Program) application with our device, Computer Methods developed a thunking DLL.  A thunking layer bridges 16 bit windows applications with 32 bit device DLLs. ACAP customers can conveniently eliminate their dependence on the ISA bus by substituting our parallel port-based controller.

To resolve sensitive timing issues, the PP004 interface DLL implements a kernel mode device driver developed using the Windows DDK (Driver Development Kit). 


Web-Hosted Service to Create Medical Evaluations

Evaluwriter.com is a web service hosted by Computer Methods servers.  It enables physical therapists to document Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) using the NADEP model.

FCEs measure a subjectís capacity to perform physical activities.  The reports follow a strict format and are often challenged in court by medical insurance providers.

Evaluwriter.com was developed in cooperation with the NADEP organization and has been serving clients on-line since December, 2000.

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